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Cross Cultural Awareness Training

This training will provide you with the ability to communicate effectively and with some knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait culture and society. Cross-Cultural Awareness is about challenging people’s attitudes and mindsets on the way they think and do things in a Cross-Cultural environment. It is focused on educating organisations to improve service delivery and better engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Staff are more likely to understand the benefits of diversity if they are trained in cross-cultural awareness and appreciation. If the budget cannot stretch to training all staff, start with Indigenous program decisionmakers, people managers and supervisors and then add to induction training for new staff. Companies with cross-cultural training have better recruitment results and improved retention, so these benefits should be included in the business case to offset training costs.

Training should be part of broader diversity awareness and should not leave staff feeling blamed, exposed or guilty. Incorporating the training into inductions, and training existing staff, is a good way to make awareness and acceptance part of company culture.