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Capability Building Initiatives


JobTrail is committed to the following Indigenous Capability Building Initatives

Working with Prospective & Current Business Owners

JobTrail will work with identified individuals over an extended period of time and we will be heavily invested in their futures. Employment Opportunities during training will be provided in the first instance with JobTrail and with JobTrail’s contract supply chain. Selected businesses that can provide an environment for training not within the scope of JobTrail or it’s supply chain will be invited to join the program.

It is recognised that not all successful professionals will then aspire to own their own business but for those who do; o Further education around business management responsibilities o Assistance with business plans o Assistance in negotiation of Seed capital when appropriate and at the appropriate time o Provision of Advisory Board Services to the business

Long Term Unemployed

Seeking local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates who have been unemployed for over 12 months. They will be given training in two stages including job ready training and on the job training and completion of nationally recognised training tailored to suit job preference.

Women in Non-Traditional Trades

Seeking local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to undertake a trade qualification in a non-traditional role. A non-traditional trade is one where women represent less than 25% of apprentices or workers. These include horticulture, automotive, building and construction, manufacturing, boilermaking, electrical, carpentry, plumbing, engineering and more.

Current School Students

It is our endeavour to engage with Indigenous students early so that we can work with them while still at school and help shape their future career path. We will work with our clients to provide access to their worksites. We will enable students to attend events where they can learn more about specific trades and even carry out some practical tasks with qualified people to find what interests them.